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Introduction of the policy recommendations to elected leadership

MARCH - MAY 2024

Policy Refinement and Final Draft


Educational and Community Engagement Campaign

JUNE - DEC 2023

Over the coming months, we will utilize various engagement strategies, including media, canvassing, public workshops and town halls, and block parties.

Campaign Kickoff

MAY 18TH 2023

Free community event, where we invite our current partners and thank them for their ongoing support. Additionally, announce the formal start of the public arm of our campaign.

Water Justice Fund Workshop Series/Community Engagement Committee


This 10-part workshop series is a culmination of all the research and data we’ve collected since 2019. In the workshops, we provide local residents with data and information to have them co-develop the first draft of the stormwater fee. Within this group, a Community Engagement Committee will work with us over the coming months to refine the policy recommendations.

Additional Funding from Pisces Foundation for Urban Water Cohort

MARCH 28TH 2023

Community Focus Groups & Salons


In partnership with Bywater Branding, we completed several focus groups and salons with specific groups to better understand how to craft messaging.

Funding Expansion from the People, Parks, and Power Initiative powered by the Prevention Institute.


Public Advisory Group / Stormwater Steering Committee Meetings

JUNE - DEC 2022

Over the next seven months we provided both groups with insight into our approach, strategy, and goals. They helped us refine and provide clarity to the future campaign.

The TWC’s Stormwater Fee Public Advisory GroupKickoff Meeting

MAY 2022

The Public Advisory Group supports the TWC team with the strategic direction of the fee. This group was open to anyone in the community interested in helping to craft the process. They will also provide their knowledge and skill sets to the advisory group to help refine the final policy.

The TWC’s Stormwater Fee Steering Committee Kickoff Meeting is held.

APRIL 2022

Steering Committee Members will help advise TWC and our partners on how to turn the fee into a viable ordinance.

WaterNow Alliance Tap Into Resilience Project


WaterNow Alliance is a San Fransisco-based non-profit that supports community organizations and government agencies to advance equity and climate resilience in water governance and implementation.

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